Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The Post-Journal again reports on attempts to develop new landlord/tenant regulations in the City of Jamestown.

The Jamestown Lawyer would like to highlight the comments of Councilman Rabb. I would never dispute that there are bad tenants. In fact, I have stories that would probably curl your hair. However, the missing piece in these discussions seems to be that Jamestown has some (very vocal and REIA-approved) slumlords who do not maintain properties and are quick to claim poverty due to tenants at every instance. As long as their hyperbole is taken at face value, no constructive changes in the condition of local housing will be made.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Media Watch

Post-Journal headline: Rising Prices Drive Up Welfare Fraud.

Actual content of article: Rising Prices May Increase Fraud and This Is How DSS Deals With It On A Regular Basis.

Was the PJ so pressed for space that they couldn't insert a "may" in the headline?
Or was it reflecting the editorial policies of the paper that seek to repeal the New Deal?

I report. You decide.