Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The Post-Journal again reports on attempts to develop new landlord/tenant regulations in the City of Jamestown.

The Jamestown Lawyer would like to highlight the comments of Councilman Rabb. I would never dispute that there are bad tenants. In fact, I have stories that would probably curl your hair. However, the missing piece in these discussions seems to be that Jamestown has some (very vocal and REIA-approved) slumlords who do not maintain properties and are quick to claim poverty due to tenants at every instance. As long as their hyperbole is taken at face value, no constructive changes in the condition of local housing will be made.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enlightening post... As a long time Jamestown resident and home owner I have watched my neighborhood become seriously degraded by rental properties (bad tenant/absent LL) which has led us to attempt to sell our home to escape the chaos that surrounds us. The problem is that we now find ourselves with a home that is not selling (because of the rental community that surrounds us) and our only option seems to be to rent the property out which is NOT what we want to do but what we NEED to do for our sanity. We are hoping to do the LL thing short term and the right way (property management company,home warranty, personal liability insurance). We will probably see a loss when all is said and done. I hate putting another rental in this neighborhood but having fought the good fight (countless calls and face to faces with JPD, calls to CPS, welfare, DOD, letters to other neighborhood home owners, emails to the Mayor's office, discusses with my city councilman etc) I see no option other than to become a LL in this city.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree whole heartedly with the other poster. i also have been a long time resident of Jamestown... i moved away for 4 years and having to move back home for family reasons it sickened me to see this town becoming THE slum of WNY. a few years back i remember when they sent inspectors around to try to get home owners to fix their homes... the reason i remember this is because my 90 year old grandmother who had one of the nicest homes on willard street at the time was fined for having some paint peeling on windows and doors. it was appalling that they would fine a 90year old life long resident whos house was immaculate in every other aspect it possible could be. where are those inspectors now? sitting in the parking lots chatting it up next to our law inforcement?
i am living in a slumlords home now... not because i want to but because it was the only place that was available at the time i needed... this home is filled with lead paint, molding at every place possible, gutters falling off, paint peeling anywhere you turn, broken windows, everything and anything possible wrong with this place IS. oh and did i mention it is NOT up to code electrically????
how has this town fallen apart so quickly? is it our city council that doesnt care? is it the people?
its no wonder when you ask the youth of today what they want when they grow up that their answer is to just get out of this town.

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