Thursday, March 08, 2007

Online info

A story reported on the website poses an interesting question in this technological day and age. Some prospective job candidates are arguing that information about them on the web is sabotaging their job search. The problem is not, as one might expect, strident blogging or ill-publicized photos on a myspace page. Instead, it's discussions or information about said person from other people. The article raises a very good point about whether or not this sort of information should be relevant. Then again, as someone who is involved in hiring, the occasional glimpse into the life of the person across the table, all shiny in his suit and tie and discussing how law school was simply the most rewarding experience ever, may be useful in learning about the person him- or herself.

(ETA: I googled my name and found only two mentions of myself on the first ten pages, neither with commentary. Perhaps I should be sending out resumes.)


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