Thursday, February 08, 2007

New advert rules challenged

Alexander & Catalano, the "heavy hitters" have filed a federal lawsuit challenging the recent rules which more closely regulate lawyer advertising. Among other things, the new rules prevent nicknames such as the "heavy hitters" and require a certain amount of decorum in commercials (ie, no f/x depicting yourself as a "legal giant" or with superpowers).

I have friends who do personal injury work, and they are good lawyers and good people. Yet it is the excesses of a few firms in that area of law that have motivated this new rule. Law currently suffers from an image problem, as a profession. Perhaps I should care more about lining my own pockets short term than thinking of the future of my career and my field, but this "race to the bottom" spurred by PI advertising seems the antithesis of the learned practice of law.


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