Friday, November 03, 2006

Light Posting

Sorry for the light posting (read: "complete inattention to the blog world") of late.

A quick note, before I get back on track with some articles I want to link: Jamestown City Court has apparently altered their schedule on the civil calendar, although I have yet to see confirmation. Additionally, Family Court is now being held on the City Court floor, schedule unknown, so expect crowding and confusion on those days.


Anonymous Dee said...

Family Court held north county, south county, Jamestown , Dunkirk town, city hall, here, there, everywhere! (Trying for a little Dr. msuess thing there and failing miserably!)

I agree with you about the confusion. People have already been confused enough when they go one time to S. County, another time to Mayville. It also sems to me that there is very little space in the city halls where an attorney can meet with a client before a court appearance privately. Obviously, this can be a problem at the very busy Family Court but there often is a space to duck into--and of course the only ones there are people also there on family court business which is something you can't say when Family court is held at a place like city hall.

Having said this, I am enthused about Family Court having many different locations. It is certainly more difficult in many ways but it shows initiative in seeing how a court can respond to growing needs through utilizing exsisting spaces.

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