Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Oxley & Location

One of the reason I follow things like the Oxley trial, or the Porco trial in Albany, is I'm interested in the way location effects the trial. St. Lawrence County, for example, will probably have no more than one homicide trial a year. Compare to an urbanized area like Albany County, or Orange County (where the trial was held due to a request for a change in venue). In the Oxley trial, defense attorney Richard Manning (a former county DA) has brought in a noted criminal law specialist, a former law school classmate of Mr. Manning. What experts or experienced attorneys are regularly available in urban areas? I'm going to guess (without doing any research) that not only are the numbers greater, but some of the ADAs and defense attorneys would probably qualify as national experts.

I won't pontificate, as my phone is ringing off the hook this morning, but it seems that there is some food for thought (or for some bright young future judges to write law review pieces) on the urban/rural dichotomy in felony prosecution.


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