Thursday, August 03, 2006

Mileage and Expenses Imbroglio

A report is due out today concerning the St. Lawrence County legislators' alleged overbilling for mileage and expenses. It's expected that the amounts in question are minimal--a couple hundred dollars, tops. Why it is still news, apparently, is that the defense of those questioned was apparently "I didn't know there was a policy." Always good to hear from elected officials. In the interim, the county has adopted a new policy and screening procedure.

From the Watertown Daily Times:
The long-awaited result of an investigation into allegations of mileage and meal reimbursement abuse by St. Lawrence County legislators will be made public this morning, a spokesman for the state agency said.

The state Commission of Investigation will publicize the findings of a probe spurred by a series of 2003 media reports alleging that legislators inappropriately received compensation for travel and meal costs.

Lawmakers have grown restless waiting for the report, which has hung a dark cloud over the Legislature.

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