Monday, July 31, 2006

Phillips Updates

The Post-Journal has two updates on the search for Ralph Phillips today. I'm posting a link to this article because it's trite, confusing as to what is a quote and what is the writer's editorial musings, and seems to forget that Phillips gets a trial before he's proven guilty of shooting Trooper Brown. I'm not a "Bucky" fan in the least, but that's part of why I'm such a nitpicker on this: I'm a believer that any person, no matter how personally rephrensible the person or the accusation, gets a day in court. Until such time as Phillips confesses or is convicted, no matter what if I think he did it or not, my personal belief is the press shouldn't report it as a given that the suspect committed an act.

The second article from the P-J. Was the injured trooper's name John, or did the P-J mess that up, too? I'm not sure I agree with the allegation of a "significant network" helping Phillips remain on the run. Four months in good weather, with a variety of shelter and food available? I'm not saying he doesn't have help--he may well--but I also don't think it's a given. Of course, those comments reflect directly back to the ongoing clash between the troopers and the Horton family, which are (in part) related to police surveillance of members of the family related to Ralph Phillips.


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