Thursday, July 27, 2006

Porco trial

Dave Rossi, the ADA on this case, was amazingly helpful and informative in my limited previous dealings with him. He was the prosecutor who earned a conviction after one of my sister's college friends was murdered by his girlfriend's jealous ex.

I'd first heard of the Porco case some time ago, in a discussion about administrative law and higher education law at private schools, from friends that worked at the U of R. It had come up because Porco the defendant was a student there at the time and the U had to decide what to do about a student being the prime suspect in a murder investigation. It's interesting to compare the procedures--especially laying the foundation of evidence--required in a trial as compared to an on-campus hearing. Especially at private schools, there's a very limited right to contest suspension/expulsion decisions when a student appears to be a danger to the community.

ETA: Trial blog at the Times-Union site.


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