Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Local shooting

So someone who's been at a couple different events where alcohol is served is riding, without a license or a helmet, on a public highway, in an area where a dangerous felon is at large, attempts to run away from the police, including refusing to stop while dragging a trooper along behind the ATV for several hundred yards, and now it's the cop's fault he used his weapon?

I couldn't disagree more. Unless you have something to hide, always cooperate with the police. Even if you have something to hide, cooperate with the police. A lack of cooperation makes things worse for all involved. I feel for the family who lost a husband and a son, but this doesn't appear to be a case of misconduct where overzealous officers had the wrong man--whether or not they thought they had cornered Bucky Phillips, the late Mr. Horton was still legitimately stopped.

Read the Buffalo News story here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your assuming that the police have given a true accounting of the incident. When an unarmed man is shot in the back there are many questions that need to answered. I have seen no complete unbiased investigation. If he was dragged where are his injuries? Why did he finish his shift? There are to many unanswered questions. An open imvestigation would be just and proper.Your statement shows a great deal of indiffrence and ignorance. A law enforcement officer should be held to highest degree of accountability. You are suggesting that anyone who disobeys a police order should be open to abuse and murder. We live in a very diverse world. Have you considered that the individual may be mentally ill or have medical conditions that cloud and impair their ability to reason.
This individual that was shot to death deserves a outside investigation of the shooting. This incident is good example of why Bucky Phillips has a group of people rooting him.
By condoning the shooting without
having the results of an unbiased investgigation you are obviously biased and unable to reason out the incident with an unclouded mind.You are danger to the community and the good hardworking law enforcement officers that serve us.

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