Sunday, June 18, 2006

Sad news

Breaking anonymity for a moment to post briefly on some recent news. Sara Thrasher, an attorney, colleague and friend, passed away yesterday after a brief and valiant battle against a particular aggressive form of cancer. Thoughts and prayers go out to her friends, family and the numerous clients she helped in her time with legal services.

While some of you know of my distaste for the expression "reasonable men may disagree" when used as a smokescreen, no one brought the truth behind the statement home like Sara. She and I could each read the same statute and come to entirely separate conclusions, and I like to think that we helped each other learn and become better practitioners. She'd had a variety of experiences before becoming a lawyer, all of which helped her tremendously in assisting others. She could be tender or gruff, as needed, and sometimes a little of both to clients in need of some tough love. Or new attorneys in need of some guidance.

You'll be missed.

Sara Lynne Thrasher, Esq. (1945-2006)


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