Tuesday, June 06, 2006

On the road again...

Now that I have that Willie N. song stuck in everyone's head...or, if you grew up on or over the border like me, memories of the CBC travel series...

I think I'm staying in the last hotel in the universe that doesn't offer free wireless. Even in the lobby, there's a connection charge. The rooms aren't wireless at all, and they offer no technical support for connecting even after you pay the $9.95 daily charge to plug in the ethernet cable. If you're a yutz like me without much hands-on knowledge, a phone number with automated instructions on resetting IPs and Proxies might as well in Greek. Finally I had to just delete all the settings from my home network and start from scratch...and it still isn't connected properly, but at least I can check email. Given that this is a conference for lawyers, I'm surprised they didn't pick a more tech-savvy environment. Then again, it's for budget-conscious public interest lawyers, so I wonder how much tech know-how will be on display. While I'm a techno-ignorant person myself, I'll try to keep an eye open for blackberries and the like for a running commentary.

I'll also probably (and I'm using "I" a lot more than I care to, as I like this to be a work-related blog and not an "adventures of a guy with a laptop" blog) comment on what I'm learning and just my impressions of the state of "poverty law". With budget cuts a regular event, and more pressure to limit the "free" assistance to the unworking (welfare reform, although necessary, is one example, or the current imbroglio over medical assistance), I think we're at a generational shift in this field as the baby boomer era ends. Or maybe I'm just hoping so due to projection related to my own experiences. Either way, if the internet keeps working, expect more comments from the field.


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