Thursday, April 13, 2006

Just to clarify...

I just wrote a long post, excorciating some unnamed senior partner at an unnamed megafirm who wrote me a very condescending letter today. I'm a poor legal aid lawyer, he's a "real lawyer" who makes six figures, so of course he treats me like crap and talks down to me. The "clarify" was just going to be about civility in practice, harkening back to my earlier post about my first day in court.

But sometimes, the best thing to do is turn the other cheek and not write scathing and unread posts about certain people. The thing to do is just let it go to court and then have Mr. Erie County Bigshot realize it takes the better part of a month to get his eviction warrant served by the Sheriff in this county. My clients probably could have been out in time for the landlord to rent the place for May if he'd wanted to talk settlement, but since he's so hot to litigate and hammer me with the fact he can have them evicted, he can explain to his client why they are still in the place during the second week of May.


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