Thursday, March 02, 2006

Year One

When I was a high school nerd, the comic book craze of the moment in DC comics was "Year One" tales, retellings and reupdatings of the origins of classic heroes. Which has nothing to do with anything other than pondering today's blog post started me down some nostalgiac path.

This week is the first anniversary of my admission to practice law, along with many of my friends and former classmates. I'd like to ask the phantom readers to respond with comments, thoughts, and experiences picked up from that first year of practice. Great experiences, bad experiences, lessons learned, etc...whatever you would like to share.

One of the most interesting experiences for me has been meeting the legal community. Those who know me personally know that I hadn't ever talked to a lawyer before starting law school, so I was going in blind and somewhat idealistic. I've been pleasantly surprised with the people I've met, and that's quite a few since Jamestown has more lawyers than human beings. There are the assorted less-than-professional types in practice, and I'm disappointed to see when people noted for their lack of ethics and horrible tactics continue to thrive, but by and large it's been worthwhile to see the various approaches to law and life exhibited all around me.

So that's deeper and more philosophical than really intended...but that's what I want here, whatever strikes you as you think about the first year.


Blogger TMT said...

A followup, more in line with what I had in mind: I've been surprised by the routine nature of so much of the practice of law. Each eviction I handle has somewhat different facts, but there's not always as much "thinking like a lawyer" as "printing the same forms with a new name on them."

9:42 AM  
Blogger TMT said...

Well, that went over spectacularly well...

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