Monday, December 05, 2005

Contempt in Cali

Followup on my civility post from a day of so back: as noted and discussed at My Shingle, a California appellate court recently sanctioned an attorney $1,000 and referred her case to the ethics board after a ranting, accusatory brief was filed with the court. As stated on My Shingle, all attorneys should make a distinction between attacking an argument and attacking a person. Hopefully this is an ethics trend that catches on, nationwide.

In one part, the Court states:

"It appears to us that Koven's approach to litigation focuses upon impugning the
integrity of everyone in the legal system, whether judges, justices, attorneys
or expert witnesses, who obstruct the achievement of her goals," the court
ruled. "This shows a pattern of abuse which serves to aggravate the contempts
committed here."


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