Thursday, December 01, 2005

FERPA in the news

A recent article ( in a local college paper mentions a little-known but very important law: FERPA. Anyone involved in education law or higher education discipline (a niche field in admin law where I've had some experience) should already be aware of the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (20 USC 1232g), which is fairly strict as far as how and when identifying/personal information can be released by an educational institution. The law affects any school receiving federal funds and grants parents or students over 18 authority to review, correct, and control disclosure of educational records. In this case, it's discussed in terms of military recruiting of students and the required release of personal information under another provision of federal law. For attorneys with a case that involves a school (to make up a random example, a PI playground injury case) it might be worth checking FERPA out to learn what the parameters are for using, obtaining and sharing information.


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