Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Story in today's Plattsburgh Press-Republican picks up on a story from last year. It seems a local snowmobile enthusiast has developed a method of civil disobedience to contest Department of Environmental Conservation road/trail classifications. He drives the roads, gets ticketed, and takes the issue to the courts. Now he's filed in Federal court, disputing a DEC administrative proceeding regarding his use of a truck in land classified as "Wilderness" under the Adirondack Park Agency land use and development plan.

This is a very interesting ongoing saga for Adirondack advocates of all stripes. The DEC and APA haven't been nearly proactive enough, in my opinion, in keeping regulations current and in actually knowing what roads and trails are out there. The result is a lot of peeved interests on all sides who feel slighted by use/nonuse decisions.


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