Thursday, January 24, 2008

With all your spare time...

Lawyers, especially in private practice, tend to be overscheduled and stretched thin. That means that this suggestion will be starting from a bad position before it gains traction, sort of like most cars on the Washington Street hill here in Jamestown.

Still, especially if you're a relatively new lawyer: those CLE books that you flip through and then put on a shelf? Take a look at them again. Every time I happen to open one to look something up, I'm amazed by the tips and knowledge that I didn't know was there. It is especially true in areas where the Jamestown Lawyer does not often practice, but even in the main practice areas, I can find something new.

As I said, this is especially true for new lawyers. Much of what I learned in CLEs right after admission lacked a lot of context. Looking back a few years down the road, those books and handouts carry a whole new meaning.


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