Saturday, January 05, 2008

Slightly Dated McKinney's for Sale

I have a near-complete set of McKinney's (missing a couple volumes, a couple destroyed by water damage but still included) that I am offering for sale. Missing is Education Law 390-900 and damaged are SCPA 1701-2200 and 2201-end. That may be revised slightly as I pull items from the shelf.

The caveat is that they haven't been updated since 2004, so there would be an investment to bring them current. Alternately, they make a great backdrop for your television commercials. Cellino & Barnes only have six or eight volumes in their could have an entire wall!

I'll even deliver them to your home/office, provided you are in the Jamestown area. I'm moving and Westlaw has completely replaced the books in my practice. Just leave your name or some contact information in the comment section. If you want to make an offer, feel free...maybe we can get an auction going in the comments.

Sale ends January 12, unless there's minimal interest. So act fast.


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