Monday, August 13, 2007

JPD Hearing

The hearing regarding the termination of Sgt. Smeraldo reconvenved over the weekend, with the officer presenting a defense against the allegations. (Story is from the Post-Journal).

Being a spectator to the whole thing, I have no real insight into the matter. As the case is reported, however, I find it could go either way. The officer sounds evasive in not knowing what he said, but the case against him doesn't seem very strong.

Additional opinion, free of charge: he was suspended for assaulting a prisoner, but he's in danger of being fired for badmouthing a superior? Perhaps the list of priorities needs to revisited at 200 East Second Street.


Anonymous Dee said...

I agree that priorities need to be changed at the JPD. The whole police department has been disrespected and smeared by the antics of a few. JPD is a joke on the streets which makes it very difficult for the many fine law abiding and respectful officers. Time to clean it up, set the priorities and make the rules for the police department, with clear policies that will be followed.

3:15 PM  

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