Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Welcome, via The Word's Best of Chautauqua

Earlier today I was pleased to see this blog listed as one of the best in Chautauqua County by the staff of the Chautauqua Region Word. If you follow the link, you'll be able to view a pdf of the most recent issue. You can also pick up the paper copy at many fine local businesses. Kudos as well to In Java, Literally, Mind of Makkaio, Galoot's Hoot Page and Preppy Girl's Guide.

It is a bit ironic as recently I was considering closing up shop. Since there may be an influx of readers for a day or three, I thought I should do a brief introduction.

I'm a lawyer. In Jamestown. (Brief enough?)

What happens here is legal issues that catch my eye, especially local ones where there's enough decent press coverage to provide a link, get discussed. I try to provide some legal insight and analysis. I do it because I like to think/talk/write about the law and try to put it into layman's terms. I occasionally dip into politics as well, but I try to limit that to avoid partisan bickering.

I will answer questions from the floor or discuss topics of interest to readers, but I'm not going to give legal advice or take your case.

I hope a few people make a return visit to see what is happening locally/legally and participate.


Anonymous Dee said...

Congratulations to Jamestown Lawyer!

It's great that this blog has gotten this recognition on its merits.

Congrats again!

11:16 AM  
Blogger marylee said...

Yes, Congrats. Although I don't live in your county I enjoy reading about some of the cases and I appreciate the readablity of your entries to a non lawyer type like me.

8:43 AM  

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