Friday, June 15, 2007

The JPD Blog

The above title is facetious, given the trend of posting on police-related topics. Today's Post-Journal, though, has an interesting look into the department disciplinary process. What interests me the most about this is that the alleged improper statements aren't discussed, although there is mention of the public nature of the hearing. Mr. Subjack's "good ol' boy" defense of "everyone does it, but they don't get written up" (see previous posts on Oficer Mike VanWaldick in Watertown for more on that) doesn't set well with me, but I'm curious if these were purely malicious comments or something with a grain of truth that also deserves the light of day.


Anonymous Dee said...

The JPD is certainly looking bad with recent statements and stories regarding it. It was interesting during the investigation of the officer accused of sexual harrasment that there was mention made of him using patrol time to go around and see women. And it was alleged that others in the police department knew this. An undercurrent of this is the suspicion that he wasn't the only one, using patrol time for his own pursuits. Sad, because I am sure that there are many fine officers in the JPD but each time another one of these "good old boys" comments are made, repect for all those in the Police Department goes down.

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