Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Jury Duty, Part 2

Last week, I posted comments by a friend following her jury duty experience. In her narrative, she noted the ADA wasn't exactly wowing her. I asked for more detail, and attributing it to post-lunch sluggishness, she wrote back with a bit more detail:

Anyway, the ADA was trying to use a different example than he had with the first group (as if we remembered it after an hour and a half...) and just
kept gesturing with his hands and you could see the wheels spinning but
nothing was coming out of his mouth that made any sense. He was trying to
censor his words before they came out...ended up he screwed it up anyway.
I'm trying to remember...I was trying hard to be bored (didn't take much
trying)...he said something about the defense wanting you to feel sympathy
for the defendent and would try to tarnish the image of the victim. At
least, that was what he was trying to get out. The judge stopped him when he
said "sympathy" because the judge had just instructed the jury panelists
that they needed to put their sympathy aside and make a decision based on
the law despite their own feelings. So the ADA just used his orginial
example which I now forget since I'm trying to black it all out...


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