Sunday, September 03, 2006

Phillips Update

I'm certainly not a fan of canonizing someone based solely on career choice, but the late NYS Trooper Joseph Longobardo seems to have been a committed and professional officer. The Buffalo News ran a profile right after the shootings. It is truly a tragedy.


Blogger Luanne said...

I totally agree with you. It certainly has changed the perspective on some of the foolishness which has come from this whole mess. Short of sayin' "It ain't funny anymore" when people start getting killed. Enough is enough. I've been thinking this morning, that what we need to do is get all of our hunting buddies from Pittsburgh and New Jersey etc, to come up and do a sweep through the forests like they do when they're trying to get the deer to move. The problem is, who the heck knows where he's at at any given time. It just amazes me that he's always been "this" close and they (the authorities) still can't nab him!! Are we too passive in this area? Even our troopers? They don't seem to be very passive these days and that's a good thing.

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