Friday, September 01, 2006

The Practice of Law

Being a member of neither the "he's a misunderstood man" nor a "kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out" camp, I'm avoiding the rest of the blogosphere for the remainder of the morning as the Chautauqua Co. news gets debated and discussed.

Instead, I'd had a post in mind related to what this blog was original conceived as, wherein I was going to chronicle my burgeoning practice. My thought was that, as I came into law without much of a practical idea of what it was like to work in the field, I could assist others by sharing.

So let's share an exchange from yesterday:
Me: Ok, my client is willing to consent to the warrant to remove and a judgment for $1000 in back rent.
Landlord: Ok, but I need to go by and make sure she's out and see the property. If she's out, I won't even go to court. But if she's still got stuff there, I'm going to court to have her put out.
Me: Yes, sir. That's what I'm offering. She'll consent to the warrant to remove. We can sign off on everything and you get the warrant and the judgment without appearing.
Landlord: I don't care about the money, even. I just want her out. I just need to see if she's out.
Me: Well, I think she's out, but we'll consent to the warrant in advance so you can put her out if she isn't.
Landlord: Well, I won't go to court if she's out, but I have to make sure I get her out...

This went on for about five minutes. I'm searching hard to find a lesson in the conversation other than "keep advil close at hand," so I can enlighten all the hordes of hypothetical readers looking for guidance.


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