Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Bartenders charged in snowmobile fatality

A story that might be of interest to some practicing criminal law in the snowier regions of the state from today's Utica Observer-Dispatch. Not that there are snowier regions at the moment, I suppose.

Bartenders are two local haunts were charged with illegally serving a minor after 20 year old Joshua Allen died in a snowmobiling accident, in which speed and alcohol allegedly played a part. Of interest is the comment of one bartender that the young man and companions allegedly offered false ID.

Winter recreation can be fun for the family, but I think this article disregards that a very common use of sleds is for riders to hop bar to bar over the course of a winter day, stopping for heat and a drink or two. I grew up in the North Country and am familiar with the demographic. The whole thing seems like a morass of legal liability for the business operator.


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