Saturday, January 07, 2006

The New Guy

Title also references a D.J. Qualls movie that was...well, those sort of teen movies are never "good", but I certainly amused me. It's also the theme of this morning's post, where Chautuauqua Co. has a new County Executive for the first time in the better part of a decade.

County Executive's trip to Albany caps a busy week 1/5/2006
County Executive Greg Edwards trip to Albany caps a busy first week for the Jamestown Republican.
Edwards took the oath of office on Sunday, and has been busy handling his new
duties. Edwards tells WDOE News he is pleased with the progress he is making
since being elected in November, but admits there is still a lot of work ahead.
Edwards expects to hold his first cabinet meeting tomorrow morning after
returning from Albany.

Under NY law, counties can choose various ways to structure local government. Some still use a traditional Board of Supervisors, wherein the Town Supervisors also sit as County government. Others elect a separate body of legislators. In either case, the county could also choose to hire a County Administrator, a non-elected professional position who runs the day-to-day operations. A final option, in counties where there is a separate legislature elected, is that the executive functions can be pooled into the office of an elected County Executive. This person then runs the day-to-day and acts, for analogy's sake, as the Governor of the County. The exception to this would be Erie County and troubled County Executive Joel Giambra, who is pushing to have a County Administrator hired in addition to his office.

The point of the post, other than exercising some Municipal Law knowledge I rarely get to use, actually was going to be my curiousity about the administrative effects of the new County Executive. The local Department of Social Services is not exactly efficient or responsive, and I'm wondering if Mr. Edwards, as a practicing attorney for nearly 20 years, has experienced any of this. Coming from the private sector, I expect (and fervently hope) his "outsider" perspective will generate some much needed changes in all agencies of the local bureaucracy, which should streamline the practice of administrative law within the county. Fingers crossed, anyway...


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Here's the entire movie!: The New Guy (entire movie)

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