Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Adirondack News

Two bits out of the Adirondacks, having an effect on environmental law and policy. Gov. Pataki and Sen. Bruno, contrary to some initial post-election rumors, will reconvene the State Senate today for the purpose (among others) of filling some vacancies. Of note, two seats on the Adirondack Park Agency are set to be filled with Pataki appointees. These appointments are less controversial than some others, in part because APA commissioners are not salaried (like Public Service Comm. commissioners) and in part because the law creating the APA has membership criteria. Aside from the heads of various state departments (or their local designees), the Governor's appointees have to be a set mix of in- and out-of-Adirondack residents and a set mix of political registration.

On the APA theme, the largest and most controversial Adirondack environmental advocacy group has released a report critical of the APA's efforts to deal with a backlog of known violations. The Adirondack Council found, apparently, that many cited land use violations were ignored and the file closed in the interest of reducing backlog.


Anonymous Dee said...

The requirements for appointments in the APA are impressive. Just seems like an excellant way to have a good mix of commissioners. That's got to be good for the Aidrondacks. Kudos to those who thought up the requirments and made this come into place!

Re alleged violations, I wonder how many times and places things like what is alleged of the APA happens in other venues--in the ever busy courts, in over-worked social services agencies, in other social agencies who have so much to do.

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