Monday, September 18, 2006

Conference Planning

Not a specifically legal post, as I often encountered this in my pre-law career as well and wanted to vent. I'm now scheduled to go to a training/conference in Boston next month. Or I was told "in Boston"...turns out it's about an hour west of Boston, in a "country setting."

Now, I love the country as much as the next guy, and probably more than many. Yet, when I'm traveling, I really don't mind having a destination actually, you know, near the travel hub. Now I'm left deciding if I want to chance the aging Jamestown Car on an 8+ hour trip or fly in (as I had planned when I thought I was going to Boston) and then rent a car for a week (to sit in a parking lot) or do a cab or something that's going to cost A LOT of money.

Maybe I would feel differently if I lived in a concrete jungle of an urban area, where I'd welcome any chance to get away. As a business traveler, though, I rate convenience a lot higher than a pretty destination.


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